Summer High School ESL Preparation in Weston

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American High Schools Preparation at Camp Sagemont Begins July 16, 2018


International Students aged 12-17


A program to prepare international students for an American high school and cultural experience.


July 16th through August 10th

This specialized Summer Pre-Session program assists International students to become immersed in American culture and curriculum while gaining leadership skills through fun activities alongside American teenagers. This program will help every International student seeking the opportunity to become an American High School or University student by living with a carefully selected host family and participating in local explorative field trips, academic ESL classes and innovative camp programs.

Our Leaders in Training and Teen Travel programs are a part of Summer Pre-Session and are designed to develop leadership skills while taking local exploration trips, forcing natural English conversation and fluency. The International Pre-Session will also expose students to an American school classroom with its specialized ESL program and introduce American Universities and the American college application process. ESL class time will focus on curricular language, getting them prepared for American High School success.

The International students may use their language skills by working with younger American and International campers at camp and on field trip destinations. They may also attend weekly workshops and training sessions that will range in topics from, “What Qualities does a Leader Possess” to “Personality Management,” “Redirection & Problem Solving.” They can earn FIRST AID, CPR and AED certification. Upon completion of the program, they will be able to apply these skills to their personal lives and leadership positions.

Host Families provided by Homestay Florida!

Living the American Dream begins with a highly qualified and vetted host family. Homestay Florida, LLC teams up with Sagemont to provide a safe, secure and nurturing living environment, creating the perfect experience. Our carefully selected host families will help familiarize the International students to their new American home and guide them to understand and practice cultural etiquette and social manners. They will take time to explore their new community of Weston and create memories that will last a lifetime!


By attending this Pre-Session, you will personally meet our teachers and administrators at Sagemont on an individualized tour, take the entrance tests, complete your course schedule, and log on to your new school device. You will be well prepared to begin school before the other new students arrive.

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