Science of Making Markers

How to Make Water Colors from Markers at Weston Art Camp

Did you know that you can turn your dried up markers into vibrant homemade Liquid Watercolor paint! We do it at our Weston Art Camp. This is what you’ll need:

  1. Water
  2. Glass jars with lids
  3. Dried out markers

If you’re going to remove the color insert:

  1. Fork
  2. Scissors or pliers
  3. Small bowl

After testing our markers and setting the good ones aside, we sorted the dried out markers into groups of similar colors.

  1. Blue/turquoise
  2. Purple/lavendar
  3. Brown/black/grey
  4. Red/pink/burgundy
  5. Orange/yellow/peach
  6. Green/teal

Once you’ve sorted out your colors, place an inch of water into your jars. The more water you add the less vibrant the colors will be. Place the dried out markers tip down into the jar of water. Allow at least 24 hours for the markers to color the water. Turns out there was quite a bit of ink left in those markers after all! You can leave your markers for longer if you like. Now it’s time to paint and have fun!

To make our watercolors even more intense: This step can get a little messy, so place everything in the sink. Work in the sink or on top of an old towel. With a pair of pliers, pull the ends off the markers and remove the color inserts. Some of the inserts slipped out easily when you tip the marker upside down, but others weren’t so co-operative, therefore use the pliers to crack the plastic casing, and tug the insert out. Then cut up the sponge inserts and put them in a bowl with a bit of water.

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