Opportunities for Older Children at Camp | Davie FL Summer Blog

Campers entering ninth and tenth grade are eligible to take part in the Leaders in Training (LIT) program. “It prepares future camp counselors through rigorous, hands-on leadership development and training evaluations,” notes Guski.

LIT’s participate in weekly workshops on cabin management, positive reinforcement and feedback, and how to achieve desired behaviors. They also help in planning and running camp games and activities throughout the summer. LIT’s will be placed with at least three camp groups, maximizing their exposure to the inner workings of Camp Sagemont’s diverse camp offerings as well as the different methods and techniques used by its seasoned camp staff.

“Camp Sagemont embodies the entire camp experience and recognizes that summer camp is a special and powerful time in a child’s life,” states Guski. “This is when new friendships blossom, old friends are reunited, challenges are not only faced but conquered, and the lifelong memories of holding a snake, laughing with a best friend, dancing in the talent show, and participating as a team in a color war battle are made.”