Kiwi Sorbet

Kiwi Sorbet Recipe for Kids

From The Camp Sagemont Kitchen: Kiwi Sorbet

Kiwis are a fun topical fruit…they are a great vibrant green color with funny little black polka dots. Introduce some color and extra vitamin C into your diet by trying a specialty from the Camp Sagemont Kitchen.


  • 8 peeled kiwis
  • 4 tbs honey
  • Juice of 1 lemon

You can make this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Peel your fruit. (Unless you are using berries – then just rinse)
  2. In a blender or food processor, blend your fruit, honey, and lemon juice. Pour into a shallow container to freeze. You can also use an ice cream maker if you have one.
  3. If you used an ice cream maker, your sorbet will have a softer consistency and will be ready to serve. If you froze it in your freezer, then it will be a little harder. Ours took about 2 hours to freeze. One trick you can do is to scoop it back into your food processor and blend for just a few seconds to soften it up. Then serve!

Kiwis are naturally tart and if you feel like this sorbet is still a little too tart for you, add a bit more honey to sweeten it up. You can also add another fruit that is sweet like a banana to the puree, it will just change the flavor a bit.

Campers, we hope you enjoy this treat!

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