Camp Sagemont’s Extreme Experiments Lab

Polar Bear Experiment

Camp Sagemont offers an environment that is fun and safe for children of all ages from 3 years old, to specialty camps for high school students. All campers are encouraged to learn through new and fun challenges that broaden their experiences and stimulate their minds. Campers are able to choose unique camp options starting with their main camp selection to their choice of camp clubs that allow them to participate in programs that they are personally interested in.

Fun! In order for children to embrace learning, especially during the summer, programs must be challenging yet fun. This is our goal here at Camp Sagemont.

Here is one of the many activities that we do in our extreme experiments lab.

The Polar Bear Experiment


  • Bowl
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Latex Gloves
  • Shortening


  1. First, have your child put their bare hands in a bowl of freezing ice water. We like to count and see how long they can hold it in there (great counting practice).
  2. Then, take a rubber glove and have your child make a fist and have them put their hand in the glove (do not have them put their fingers in the finger places).
  3. The participating adult should also wear a glove, this makes clean up easier.
  4. Now, cover your child’s hand with shortening, don’t be afraid to use a lot.
  5. Take your glove off and cover the child’s shortening (fat/blubber) covered hand with plastic wrap (this is for easier clean-up also).
  6. Now just have your child put their hand in the icy water again and ask them if they can feel the icy cold water.

Children think this is the coolest thing that they now can’t feel the icy cold water. Now they can better understand what it’s like to be a polar bear, penguin, or a seal in the Arctic. You can further explain that these Artic animals are protected from the cold with their layers of blubber (fat).

Danielle Guski is Director of Camp Sagemont. It offers traditional day camp and a wide variety of specialty camps including many trending educational camps. All programs are held on Sagemont’s Lower School Campus in Weston.

Camp Sagemont begins the week of June 8th and runs through August 7th. Camp hours are 9am to 3:30pm, with early care and after care available.

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