Camp Sagemont – What’s Trending For Camp This Summer?

What’s Trending For Camp This Summer?

Some parents are specifically searching out fun and educationally challenging summer programs.

The Key

Fun! In order for children to embrace learning, especially during the summer, programs must be challenging yet fun. Even though this is a very simple concept, it can be difficult to achieve. Finding a trending educational camp that meets these goals will lead to not only a great summer experience for your child, but also for cognitive development often dismissed during summer months.

Below, learn about some trending educational Sagemont summer camp offerings for 2015.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Everywhere we turn we hear about the benefits of STEM programs. Strong STEM programs base learning around experiential and discovery learning. Campers are actively participating in their learning through interactive, hands-on principals. STEM-focused camps promote curiosity, inquiry, creativity, exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking. Increasing campers’ knowledge in the areas of math, science, and computer coding will grant them access to the fast growing field of STEM careers such as scientists, engineers, architects, and computer programmers. It’s estimated that by the year 2018, one out of every 20 jobs will be STEM related.


The cognitive development that occurs through robotics makes it a huge hit with parents. Campers are challenged with a task orientated project, which requires applying math and science concepts as they work collaboratively with others to create, build, test, problem solve and program their robot. Teaching this technology to young learners increases their likelihood of choosing a scientific or engineering field in college.


Another spoke of the STEM education wheel is coding, which is increasingly becoming part of the academic curriculum. Camp programs motivate students to not only play with technology but to create technology! Through coding, campers are exposed to computer science and taught the knowledge and skills necessary to snag high tech, high paying jobs in the fields of computer science.

Language (Spanish Immersion or English as a Second Language)

It is well known that speaking multiple languages opens doors to a vast number of job opportunities. With an ever increasing international community residing in South Florida, there is a strong demand for students to hone their English through ESL programs. In addition, many families are looking toward intensive language or immersion programs in Spanish, or other foreign languages, to reinforce their learning away from school.

Danielle Guski is Director of Camp Sagemont. It offers traditional day camp and a wide variety of specialty camps including many trending educational camps. All programs are held on Sagemont’s Lower School Campus in Weston.

Camp Sagemont begins the week of June 8th and runs through August 7th. Camp hours are 9am to 3:30pm, with early care and after care available.

To learn more about Camp Sagemont visit or call (954) 384-1894. To read more stories about Camp Sagemont & The Sagemont School written by Stacey Bomser go to School News at